Your top 5 textbook sellback questions answered

ValoreBooks is all about saving you time, money, and stress. That’s why our sellback process is fast, easy, and puts more money in your wallet. But to help make it even easier, we’re here to answer the five most frequently asked questions about the sellback process:

1. After getting a price quote, how long do I have to ship my item(s)?

Your price quote is valid for 30 days! Please note: if your item(s) are received after 30 days, your price quote may be adjusted to the current market price, which could be lower than your original quote. 

2. What do I need to do before shipping my items?

  • Ensure that your items meet our sellback standards
    • Books should not exhibit water damage, ripped or missing pages, or excessive writing/highlighting
    • The condition of your electronic device must be accurately specified (either “broken”, “good”, or “flawless”)
  • Pack your items tightly and securely in a box or padded envelope
  • Place the packing slip (provided by ValoreBooks) inside the package and tape the pre-paid shipping label (provided by ValoreBooks) securely to the outside of your package

3. Can I ship all of my sellback items in one box?

Yes! Any items that you received a quote for, and are included on your packing slip, can be shipped in the same box. 

4. Who pays for shipping?

When you sell used stuff with ValoreBooks, shipping is always free! Once you’ve confirmed your price quote you can print your prepaid shipping label and packing slip. It’s that easy! Both the label and the slip will be emailed to you and are also available from within your ValoreBooks account

5. How long does the sellback process take?

  1. Within 2-14 business days* of dropping off your package: Your sellback items will arrive at our warehouse
  2. Within 7 business days of receipt of your package: We’ll evaluate your items to ensure they meet our sellback standards
  3. Within 14 business days of your sellback quote being accepted: We’ll issue your payment
  4. Within 2-14 business days: You get paid! 
*Business days do not include weekends or holidays


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