Your iPhone’s value is about to drop—sell it before it’s too late!

If you currently have an iPhone, know this: the value of used iPhones (current generation and older) is expected to drop on September 9, 2014, when Apple is rumored to be announcing the latest iPhone model. If you’ve been thinking about selling your current one, now’s the time to lock in your sellback price—before its value plummets! Lock in your price today!

Check out what happened to iPhone prices when the iPhone 4S was announced:

Check out what happened to the value of the iPhone when the iPhone 4S was announced

How it works

At ValoreBooks, you get free and instant online quotes that tell you how much we’ll pay you for your phone. Then you ship your phone—for free!—and we cut you a check. Yes, it’s that easy. The best part? Your price quote is valid for 30 days, meaning you can get a quote now, keep your phone for a month, and ship it whenever you’re ready!

How to sell your iPhone using ValoreBooks

  1. Get a free and instant online quote
  2. Print your pre-paid shipping label
  3. Ship your phone within 30 days
  4. Get paid!

Ready, Set, Sell


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