Your favorite movie, predicted by your major

Everyone loves movies, but few people love the same movies. Our drives, passions, and interests affect our aesthetics, and therefore our penchant for certain kinds of films. We’re here to test if we can predict movies you like (or might like, if you haven’t seen them) based on your college major:


English: Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society

English majors, who are romantics at heart, love dead poets. Robert Frost, Robert Herrick, Walt Whitman, Lord Byron, Shakespeare. In fact, English majors love dead writers in general, which is why this movie is so great for you. Follow Robin Williams around as he teaches his students to seize the day through the work of dead, crusty titans of literature!


Journalism: Almost Famous

 Almost Famous

What journalism student doesn’t fantasize about writing for Rolling Stone? More still, what journalism student doesn’t fantasize about going on the road with their favorite band to score an in-depth interview? Plus the music is good, the people are beautiful, and you get to both laugh and cry your heart out.


Economics: The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

This movie, based on the true story of a wealthy stockbroker who breaks every rule in the book—becoming a multimillionaire in the process—is required viewing for any economics major. Let it be a cautionary tale on how not to use your degree.


Business: Office Space

Office Space

The dream of any business major is, of course, to own a business. But the reality is that most business majors will end up with office jobs in service to someone else’s business. This movie will forecast what you’re in for.


French: Amélie


They say French is the most romantic language on Earth, so a love story in French is only fitting. Follow Amélie through the beautiful, mysterious, colorful city of Paris as she discovers what it feels like to fall in love.


Spanish: Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth

El laberinto del fauno! The story of a young girl whose sadistic stepfather—an army officer—seeks to forcefully quell a group of rebels. Dark, magical, richly imagined. A treat for the eyes of any viewer and a lesson for the ears of Spanish majors. Just turn off the subtitles!


Math: Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting

No math genius is complete without a host of emotional problems. Follow Will Hunting the janitor as he becomes Will Hunting the math genius who has trouble fulfilling his potential, falling in love, or sitting still long enough to get therapy. A beautiful, tragic ride through a troubled mind. Also, the second movie on this list that features Robin Williams! A coincidence? Maybe we just love (and miss) dear Robin.


Computer Science: Tron


So, imagine you’re a computer hacker. Now imagine you’re a computer hacker who gets sucked into the software of a mainframe computer and has to battle your way out through a series of gladiatorial games, like Light Cycle racing. This sci-fi classic doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it’s awesome anyway.


Did we get it right?