Your battle against high textbook prices starts here

Think textbooks are too expensive? So do we. Thankfully, we at ValoreBooks search and compare millions of books from thousands of sellers. That means you can always find what you need for up to 90% off list price! But did you know there are reasons textbooks actually should be expensive, at least from an economic perspective? Here’s why:

1. Textbooks have smaller markets.

Textbooks are inherently specialized and therefore not meant for general circulation. Yet production costs, like paying authors, designing the book, printing it, distributing it, and so on, remain almost constant. It’s a lesson in mass production: the more copies you make, the cheaper the per-unit cost becomes. Unfortunately this is bad news for textbooks, which have small audiences and therefore small print runs. That means each individual book needs to cost more.

2. Printing textbooks costs more than printing a novel.

Does your textbook have lots of graphics, colors, charts, photographs, or laminated pages? The cost per printed page drastically increases if so.

3. Textbook publishers view the used book market as lost revenue.

When you buy or sell a used textbook, the publisher doesn’t make any money. You or a reseller does. To adjust for this, publishers increase the initial cost of that book — almost making up for lost future sales.

The lesson here?

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