Worst places to find a date on campus

Okay, so yeah. College is full of those things called term papers, exams, and study sessions. It’s hard to get sleep and the food usually sucks. But come on. College is still awesome. You’ll never again live so closely to so many people. Which means date on and totally enjoy it while you can! But if you’re looking for a date, it’s probably not smart to troll for your future partner in crime at any of the following:

The gym

Something about all that sweat might be kind of a turn off. Just sayin’.

Health Services

Health Services is great, right? They help you feel better when you’re sick, which is exactly why you’ll probably definitely never find a date there. “In sickness and in health?” Not quite.

The quiet zone of the library

People find dates in the library all the time, don’t they? Well, they do in movies at least. In the real world it’s kind of hard to play matchmaker when, you know, you’re not allowed to talk.

Office hours

While the line outside of your professors’ door during office hours might seem like a place of solidarity, it’s really a place of frustration.

Sunday brunch

So you’ve had a weekend of staying out a little too late and maybe drinking a little too much. And now Sunday’s here, so you stumble into brunch just looking for some food to scarf down to make your stomach settle. Sound like an ideal situation for asking someone out? Not really.

So where is a good place to find a date on campus?

Try your dorm. Someone you’re interested in might be living just down the hall from you, or just upstairs. Try the campus center. Try asking your friends if they have friends who would be interested. Go to campus events. Join a club or two.

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