We can beat Amazon and Apple’s iPhone sellback prices

If you’ve got more student loans than you can handle and a used iPhone that you don’t want anymore, you’re in luck! Sell it using ValoreBooks to convert your old phone into an extra student loan payment — then get out of debt faster and for less.

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Go to our iPhone sellback page and choose your phone to get your instant online quote.
2. Select SmarterBucks rewards as your payment option at checkout. You’ll get your payment in the form of rewards that pay down your student loans and a 5% bonus on your sale price — just for choosing SmarterBucks!
3. Ship your phone (for free!) within 30 days and we’ll automatically send your payment, and your 5% bonus, to the student loan you have designated in the SmarterBucks system.

Haven’t heard of SmarterBucks before? Here’s what you need to know:

SmarterBucks is a revolutionary rewards program that’s helping students and graduates get debt-free faster. Signing up is free and earning rewards is easy. Not only will you get 5% back every time you shop at ValoreBooks, you can earn more rewards by taking surveys, shopping in the SmarterBucks Marketplace, inviting family and friends to get in on the action, and more!

At ValoreBooks, our highest buyback price guarantee means you always score more from us. See how our prices stack up:

iPhone sellback price comparison chart

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