Time management tips for college students

Time flies, doesn’t it? Right past you! Before you know it, January becomes February becomes March. Midterms approach, and pass. Paper deadlines approach, and pass. Finals loom on the horizon. But if you feel too busy and too stressed—and think time moves too quickly—then start practicing time management. Better managing your time means you can get more done, faster.

Here’s how:


1. Get a calendar

It’s seems like a no-brainer, but most college students don’t have one. Or they have one, but don’t use it. A calendar is an easy way to keep your whole week—or even your whole month—in mind. Use it to keep track of important dates: when you have tests, when papers are due, planned social events, etc. Pro-tip: Make your own DIY calendar!


2. Make lists — every day!

Each list should contain the tasks you want to get done on a given day, ordered by priority. Move through the list in that order. Not only does that give your day a set structure, but it’ll help you focus on things that actually matter, like your homework.


3. Carry your work with you, wherever you go

You never know when you’re going to have a little down time. Maybe you’ll end up in a waiting room, on a bus, in the library, or otherwise killing time. Take advantage of that! Get some work done!


4. Learn to say no

As a college student, it can be hard to balance your school life with your social life. But it’s important to learn how, and when, to turn down opportunities to see movies, grab dinner, and attend concerts. That’s not to say you should scorn your social life. Only that you should remember why you’re in college: to learn.


5. Dedicate study time

Pick a time of day—ideally, the hours you feel most awake and productive—and set them aside for homework or studying. Make it a routine, a habit. That way, you always know when and where you’ll work, which will help you avoid procrastination.


6. Sleep more

This seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? If you sleep more, you have less time. However, sleeping more means you’ll have more energy. More energy means you can work more efficiently. You’ll have more focus, more drive. It’s hard to learn, study, or work when you’re tired. So go ahead, take that nap!


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