These college students found $40,000 in a $20 couch!

After purchasing a couch from the Salvation Army store for $20, 3 college roommates from New Paltz found that the cushions they were resting on were not filled with cotton or feathers, they were stuffed with envelopes containing $40,000 of cold, hard cash. At first, the students did what anyone who came across this large amount of money would — they planned how to spend it. This all changed however when they came across a deposit slip and realized that this money was likely someone’s life savings. They traced the money to a 91 year old woman who had been hiding her savings in the couch. While she was in the hospital, her children had given the couch away to the Salvation Army without knowing that it was stuffed with cash.

The story ended happily for everyone. The woman’s life savings were returned to her, and all three college students received $1,000 for returning the money.


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