Your on-campus snow enjoyment guide

It’s February, which means your campus has likely become a regular ol’ winter wonderland. You know, like tons of snow everywhere, just getting in your way. Making it impossible to walk, et cetera. But at least being on campus saves you the hassle of having to worry about, you know, shoveling. Right? Right. So might as well do your best to enjoy the weather:

Snowball fights

A classic snow time activity, snowball fights are not only a bonding activity, but also a lifestyle. While snowball fights might seem like a thing of the past, the opposite is true: they’re most fun in college, when you can team up with and against your friends in order to duke it out. May the best snowball win. And aim for the face.


Another go-to activity in the snow. But keep in mind, the thing about college is that it’s kind of a copout to use a real sled. Instead of going out and buying one, try getting a little creative. For example, you can always use a tray from the dining hall as a miniature snowboard. Or, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could even try using your mattress (after taking off the comforter and the sheets, of course). It might get a little messy, but when you’re bombing down that snowy hill you’ll realize it’s worth it. Trust me.


If you have a pair of skis, bring them to campus. That way, when it snows, you’ll be able to transport yourself around in style. Besides, you’ll gain some serious street-cred when you’re known as the kid who skis around on campus. With this in mind, even if you don’t know how to ski, it might be kind of worth it to learn.

Get cozy

After a long day in the snow, there’s nothing better than settling back into your dorm room, taking off your boots and jacket, and getting cozy. So brew some hot chocolate, take a hot shower, turn up the heat, and whip out a blanket. Slam Hot Pockets for extra fun!

Movie marathons

With coziness in mind, watch the snow fall outside your window and put on a movie that you, your roommates, and your friends all love. Not only is a movie marathon a great bonding activity and a way to avoid the cold, but it’s also a perfect way to momentarily forget about the stress of homework and college life.

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