The Winter Break Survival Guide

There are loads of great things about the holidays. Good food, good people, gifts, and cold weather mixed with hot chocolate! However, any gathering of related people is sure to bring with it some struggles. Maybe your grandma tells boring stories while your uncles tell embarrassing ones. Meanwhile your parents feed you too much while your siblings fight over the television. Got stress? Here’s how to deal with it:

  • Remember to take time for yourself. Go to the movies solo. Sleep in and cuddle the dog. Some alone time will make the time you spend with family more enjoyable.
  • Get some exercise! Sure, it’s break and all you want to do is laze around and eat. But get up and get moving. Go ice skating, skiing, or just take a walk. It’ll give you and your family another way to engage.
  • Sleep more. Staying rested keeps both your mind and body healthy. That’s just science.
  • Feel free to say no. You don’t have to participate in every activity or meal for the entire holiday season.
  • Take it easy with the alcohol and caffeine. Sure, be merry. But don’t be so merry that you go crazy or burn out.

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