The Best TED Talks To Watch When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes, a new perspective or idea can change your life simply by altering your behavior or the way you think about something. A TED talk is a video presentation by experts, artists and others who have an innovative concept they want to share with the world. They’re typically fairly short, less than 18 minutes, and are designed to be entertaining. These 10 TED talks have interesting tips to help you battle burnout or stress in your life, at school, or at work.

1. All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe says there is a needed reset in a frantic world. All you have to do is nothing for 10 minutes. By planning to stop the flow of everything, you can give yourself some protection in a space where your mind is always in charge.

2. How to Make Stress Your Friend Kelly McGonigal argues that the way you think about stress can make it better for you. Believing it is bad for you can make it worse. Instead, she suggests that acknowledging the role stress plays in your life can help you minimize how much it rules your actions.

3. The Power of Time Off Do you need a break? Stefan Sagmeister thinks you deserve one. He notes that creativity really needs breaks, and sometimes long ones. Time off helps you climb out of a rut, escape burnout, find your bearings and get more enjoyment out of what you’re doing.

4. Flow, the Secret to Happiness Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi believes that the flow of your work means everything. When you lose yourself in a task, it feels effortless and spontaneous. Flow helps you grow confidence and become happier in your work.

5. The Art of Stillness In a world that is constantly pushing you from one activity to the next, Pico Iyer makes the case for stillness. He says that you need space to breathe. Sometimes, the best place you can go to get rid of stress is nowhere at all, and the best thing to do is nothing.

6. ‘Wait It Out’ In her song “Wait It Out,” Imogen Heap shares how pain and frustration can seem like it will never end. Sometimes, recognizing the need to stay in a feeling helps you focus on what’s important.

7. Your Elusive Creative Genius Geniuses are supposed to be great at everything, right? Elizabeth Gilbert explains how it doesn’t take a master to find the ability to achieve greatness inside yourself. All it requires is a willingness to think differently.

8. Are You Human? Sometimes, it feels like everyone else has it far more together than you. Ze Frank shows how each person has more in common than he or she thinks, and that these unusual thoughts and behaviors make us human.

9. How to Succeed? Get More Sleep For people who think that tired is trendy, Arianna Huffington has a different view. She argues that getting more sleep can be a way to find increased patience and joy in your life.

10. The Happy Secret to Better Work Focusing on the negative, or even the average, makes you get stuck in these areas. Instead, Shawn Achor believes that you need to build the attitude you want from the beginning. If you look for the positive, you’ll find a happier result.

Feeling better about yourself and your life can happen in less than five minutes. Watch one or more of these TED talks and discover how they can help you have a better mindset.