The best money saving tips from our customers


Recently we asked you for your best money saving tips — how you spend less on food, books, fun, and more when you’re in college. Now we’re here to share your wisdom with the world! Read on and spend less:


Buy Groceries in Bulk

If you cook, buy groceries in bulk (meats, snacks, frozen foods). You get more value for your money rather than buying the same in small packages. And it saves you trips to the grocery store!” – Caroline Huang


Roommate with someone

Roommate with someone and share the bills with them.” – Sandra Wilson


cook on weekends

I cook on weekends and freeze the leftovers. This gives me meals all through the week and encourages me to not eat out.” – Paige Magelky


go to yard sales and thrift stores

I can go to yard sales and thrift stores to buy fabric, yarn, thread, etc., to make blankets, clothes, or decorative items for my household. These items also sell well on eBay, Etsy, and other online places or can be bartered for things you may need.” – Anita Mitchell


park off campus and walk

Parking passes are usually very expensive. Park off campus and walk, or use public transportation. It not only saves gas, wear and tear, but also helps the environment. It’s a win-win.” – John Albarado


start a money jar

Start a money jar. Every time you have change or a spare dollar, keep adding it to the jar!” – Dolores Miranda


buy used textbooks

My biggest savings was to buy used textbooks or to sell any new ones that I had acquired. Secondly, I made my own lunches to save money, and of course I kept my grades up through each degree in hopes of gaining a scholarship for the next academic program.” – Cole McKinnon


add into your savings

Add a designated amount of money to savings each week. It’s amazing how quickly even $25 each week can add up!” – Brandy Nelson


shop at valorebooks

I literally shop at ValoreBooks exclusively for college textbooks. I am an Amazon Prime member and I do not even check the site for textbooks. I used to shop around but quickly discovered ValoreBooks has the cheapest textbooks 100% of the time. I have rented textbooks from other sites and their prices are ALWAYS higher.” – Trina Grant


dont buy expensive stuff

My parents always told me to wait one full week before buying something over $100. Most often, I decided I no longer really needed that item.” – AT Otto


pay off credit card

Don’t spend more than you have.  Pay off your credit cards every month!” – Jennifer Smith


reward yourself

Every time I get a check, gift card, or allowance, I take 10% of all cash I receive and put it into my savings account. At the end of each month, I take 10% of the total amount saved and spend that on myself as a reward for my discipline. This motivates me to save for both the purpose of having emergency money and being able to buy myself a little something :)” – Christa Ferguson


dont spend your kept aside

Always have a specific amount of your income kept aside. No matter how small or big your kept aside amount is, you have to swear on your life that you won’t use it. Once that part of income is aside, pretend it doesn’t exist.” – Farhad Kazi


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