The 7 most annoying people in every college class

College classes are often long and sometimes tedious. It’s hard enough to focus and take notes in a perfect learning environment, and harder still when class is disrupted (or group activities are sabotaged!) by one of the following:

1. The constant talker

the constant talker

The constant talker answers every question. Or tries to answer every question. They dominate class discussions and in-class group exercises, even if they don’t have something important to say.


2. The genius

That is genius

Like the constant talker, the genius usually has something to say. The primary difference, though, is the genius usually adds to the conversation (instead of detracting from it). Plus, the genius always has the right answer. Your professor makes eye contact with the genius if class discussions are stalling, since the genius is a reliable source of participation. You want to like the genius, but the fact that they talk so much and are right all the time makes the genius even more annoying than the constant talker.


3. The food lover

food lover

You know that guy who brings his deli sandwich to class or the girl who brings in a bag of chips? The bag always makes a lot of noise and the sandwich always smells bad. Lots of pickles or blue cheese. Even if the food smells good, all that does is remind you that you’re hungry. No matter what, the food lover distracts you from the lecture at hand.


4. The underachiever


The underachiever is the opposite of the genius—they don’t talk much or otherwise participate. If you’re in a lecture hall, the underachiever poses little threat. But if you’re required to do a group activity and get stuck with one, then you’re at an instant disadvantage: either you have to do more work or the group activity won’t get finished. If you do more work, the underachiever gets some of your credit; if you don’t do more work, only you suffer. The underachiever, inevitably, doesn’t care.


5. The one with all the questions, who refuses to read the syllabus

asking too many questions

You know the student who invariably asks what the assignment is, or what to read, or when the paper is due? Even though all that information was handed out in the form of a syllabus or an assignment sheet? Yeah, that guy. Horrible.


6. The student who attends class even though they’re clearly sick

Sorry to everyone who I shook hands with, I'm sick, so you're all screwed

Not only is the coughing and sneezing disruptive, but it risks spreading the cold, flu, or whatever bug they happen to have—which means you risk getting sick, missing classes, feeling lethargic, etc. Inevitably, you end up sitting right next to the sick person. Who ends up sneezing right on you.


7. The student wearing too much cologne or perfume

too much perfume

The only thing worse than body odor is so much cologne or perfume that you can’t breathe. You know who we’re talking about: the student who walks into class, bringing with them an invisible, wafting cloud of fragrance. You can smell them across the room.




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