Study Abroad: Top 10 cities to study abroad

Studying abroad might be the best part of college. Not only do you get to see the  world, eat new food and meet new people, but you may even get to learn a new language. Interested? Check out the top 10 study abroad destinations:


London, UK


What to study: Business & Economics, English Literature, History, Art

Where to study: London School of Economics, King’s College, University of Westminster

Why it’s unique: Amazing history, amazing museums, and amazing architecture make London a hotspot on the map! Better still, London has easy access to mainland Europe, making it a great hub to travel even farther afield.


Tokyo, Japan


What to study: Business & Economics, Finance, Computer Science

Where to study: University of Tokyo, Keio University, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Why it’s unique: Tokyo has become the rising star of the politics, finance, business, education and technology in Asia over the past decades and studying abroad there is an exceptional experience. Leading research in technology and science, Tokyo is also one of the most important business and finance centers in the world.


Istanbul, Turkey


What to study: Art History, Architecture, History,

Where to study: Bogazici University, Koc University, Sabanci University

Why it’s unique: Bridging between Europe, Asia and Africa – geographically, politically and culturally – Istanbul provides an incomparable experience for students during study abroad. The city brings together a rich history  of different cultures, traditions and religions as well as the modernism and urban development of western civilizations for art history and architecture students.


Rome, Italy


What to study: Art, Architecture, History, Italian

Where to study: Sapienza University of Rome, American University of Rome,

Why it’s unique: From its unmatched art and architecture to its historical and natural sites, Rome is an exceptional place for students from all over the world to study abroad. Rome is not only home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Coloseum, but also some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities.


Shanghai, China


What to study: Business & Economics, Finance, Engineering, Chinese

Where to study: Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

Why it’s unique: Shanghai, one of Asia’s biggest and fastest growing finance and business centers, offers many opportunities for students who are interested in expanding their business network. The city is also home to innovative scientific and technological research as well as a rich and long history.


Barcelona, Spain


What to study: Architecture, Art History, Spanish

Where to study: University of Barcelona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Why it’s unique: With a history over 2000 years of different cultures, Barcelona welcomes students from all over the world to experience a unique lifestyle. Its stunning architecture surrounds the city  while the medieval and modern art takes over the museums as well as streets. The city also offers the perfect opportunity to learn or practice Spanish.


Sydney, Australia


What to study: Environmental Studies, Ecology, Geology

Where to study: The University of New South Wales, The University of Sydney

Why it’s unique: With an average of 300 or more sunny days per year, Sydney is one of the most popular cities in which to study abroad. The endless landscapes and incredibly diverse geography allow students to learn more about environmental studies as well as geographical studies. Sydney is also home to the famous Sydney Opera House.


Paris, France


What to study: Art, Architecture, History, French

Where to study: Université Paris-Sorbonne, École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts

Why it’s unique: Home to the ancient history of liberal arts, Paris hosts several landmarks of Europe including the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, The Louvre and Champs Elyseees. Being one of the symbols of  western civilization, Paris, the City of Lights, attracts students who want to study and explore the history, art and architecture and gives them endless opportunities to practice French.


Cape Town, South Africa


What to study: Wildlife Biology, Environmental Studies, Health, Education

Where to study: The University of Cape Town, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Why it’s unique: Famously known as the Mother City, Cape Town is named the best city to visit by the New York Times and World Design Capital in 2014. The city is not only home to various cultures with 11 different official languages, but also immeasurable landscapes and wildlife. Students are offered many opportunities to explore the wildlife and the natural landscapes as well as engage in Africa’s predominant social issues like health and education.


Athens, Greece


What to study: Art History, Architecture, History,

Where to study: Athens School of Fine Arts,National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Why it’s unique: As the birthplace of  western civilization and democracy, Athens is home to some of most important architectural masterpieces of the world including the Parthenon, and the Temple of Athena. Students are amazed to explore one of oldest cities in the world with over 3400 years of history as they uncover the hidden treasures of the city.


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