Make money selling your notes

You’ve always been able to sell your textbooks back at the end of the semester to make some extra money. But don’t think the earning opportunities end there. With our friends over at, you can sell the notes you took for class, as well!

We know what you’re thinking: say what? So we’ll repeat ourselves: the notes you took for class are worth money. That’s right, money. Cash. Gold. Gravy. Legal tender. Cheddar. Loot. Pirate booty. Benjamins.

How it works

To save you the hassle of reading something we can simply show you, check out this YouTube video explaining it all.

What this means for you

All the time you spent studying is worth more than just a good grade, and selling your notes can actually help defray the cost of your education. (Or you could just use the money to have some fun.) But there are also less obvious benefits to using Flashnotes that extend above and beyond the money you can make. An example: 65% of students using Flashnotes see an increase in their GPA. Why? Because most note sellers put more effort into their note taking during the semester in order to sell them for more when their classes end. That means users like you are paying more attention in class and taking better notes, which translates to better performance on exams. It’s money-motivation for more diligent study habits, which help both the note taker and the note buyer.

Get paid to do good!

In addition to better grades and all the money you can make by using Flashnotes, you also get the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with helping other students perform better in the classes they’re stressed about taking! Think about it like this: you’re getting paid to do good. That’s because it’s been proven time and time again that students learn best from other students. So let Flashnotes connect you from the comfort of your couch.

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