How to stress less while traveling home for the holidays

Everyone gets a few days off from school or work to celebrate the holidays and we all get the same brilliant idea: visit family. It’s only heartwarming until you get to the airport, where the lines are long and the delays are rampant. Here are a few ways to ease your way through it:

  1. Make reservations early. In fact, do it right now if you haven’t already. The longer you wait the more you pay.
  2. On your day of departure, whether by plane or car, schedule early morning or late night travel. Waking up early or staying up late is definitely worth it, considering you get to avoid all the jam-packed roads and airport security checkpoints.
  3. Travel light. Especially if you’re flying. If you only take a carry-on and print your boarding pass at home, you can skip the check-in line and go straight to security.
  4. Prepare for delays. The weather is unpredictable, so brings books, snacks, and maybe even your laptop or tablet so you can entertain yourself in case you get stuck somewhere.
  5. Smile more. In fact, just be generally friendly. Especially in an airport. You’ll be surprised how much better people treat you.

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