How to stay on top of the internet

The internet is a huge place and can be difficult to navigate. With so much content, it can be hard to weed through the mess and get to the goods. Thankfully, there are some tools that help make this process easier:


Reddit refers to itself as, “the front page of the internet” and indisputably lives up to this slogan. On Reddit, users submit links, photos and other content, which is then viewed and rated by the public. Based on algorithms, Reddit is able to display the most popular content at the top of their site and change it frequently to be certain that content is fresh. If you decide to use Reddit, do yourself a favor and follow some Subreddits that you are interested in. This will make sure you are receiving the content you care about most. Check out the video below to learn more about what makes Reddit so great:


Flipboard is an app available for iOS and Android that allows you to follow feeds ranging from blogs to entertainment to your very own Facebook newsfeed. What sets Flipboard apart is how it delivers this content. It organizes each individual source into a magazine-like feed that allows users to flip page-by-page through beautifully organized and personalized content. It even allows you to save your favorite articles into your own personal magazines that you can chose to keep for yourself or share with the world.

Facebook & Twitter

Like it or not, social media is – at least in the near future – here to stay. So take advantage of these networks and follow those who share content you care about. You can create designated lists for pages you like and feeds you follow. This will help you separate content from your personal life and your other interests.  Start by checking out our Facebook and Twitter pages. We share some great content that could save you tons of money on the cost of college!


Pinterest is a great way to find content on the web and save it for later. By organizing links, photos, videos and more into designated boards, you can keep track of your favorite things on the web. Since the site is social, you can follow other users’ boards and find great content as well as share your favorites with the world! Make sure to check out the ValoreBooks Pinterest page for some college survival tips and tricks!

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