How to sell your used textbooks for more money

Textbooks cost more than they should. That’s a fact. But when you sell your used textbooks at the end of the semester, you can recoup some of that cost. Better yet, follow the steps below and you can score even more money! Here’s how:


1. Sell online

Campus bookstores only need a certain number of used books at the end of each semester. Most bookstores are looking to stock their shelves with new textbook editions. That means your bookstore may not even want the books you have to sell, leaving you high and dry. We have a solution: sell your books online with ValoreBooks! With ValoreBooks you get instant price quotes, free shipping, and the highest sellback prices in the industry! See how much your textbooks are worth.


2. The earlier you sell, the better

Generally book buyers only need a limited quantity of a book. That’s why sellback prices are always higher right at the end of the semester—when the competition is stiff. As time wears on, books may not be worth as much. But, with ValoreBooks, your price quote is valid for 30 days—so lock in your price now and you can ship the book when you’re ready!


3. Include everything that originally came with the book

That’s CD’s, study guides, posters, maps, or anything else. You might get a higher price if you have these and might not be able to sell the book back if you don’t.


4. Clean it up

The newer your books look, the more they’re worth. You should erase anything written in the margins, flatten out dog-ears, and peel the gum off the cover.


5. Don’t forget to sell old editions

If a textbook is no longer being used on campus, then a campus store usually won’t buy it back when the semester ends. But there’s a good chance you can sell it online. So take a look around your dorm room, car, or parents’ basement, and sell whatever books you’ve got with ValoreBooks! You’ll enjoy the summer a lot more with some extra cash in pocket 🙂


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