How To Recharge Over Summer Break

Your finals are done and there’s no better feeling than excitedly anticipating the summer days that lay ahead. Now is the time to de-stress, relax and prepare for next semester while having fun along the way. Here are seven ways to take advantage of your downtime and prepare both mentally and physically for the next school year.

  • Continue reading — Catch up on all the books you’ve missed out on during the school year. Join a book club or start one with your friends. Nothing beats lounging at the pool or beach with a good book to escape reality for a while.
  • Explore a career — Spend a day or more shadowing a professional in a field that interests you. You’ll gain experience and get a taste of your future career. The opportunity could help you select a major if you’re undecided or determine whether that career path is right for you. Reach out to alumni and professors to help you find opportunities.
  • Get an internship — Make the most of your summer break by landing an internship, even if it doesn’t offer a stipend or salary. An internship is a great way to expand your resume and learn more about a specific industry. You’ll be thankful for the work experience down the road when applying for paying jobs.
  • Learn a new skill — The school year has ended but doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Pursue a personal interest or passion such as drawing, cooking, photography, robotics, pottery or coding. Attending a class over summer break can help you stay mentally focused and relaxed, especially if it’s taken for fun. Look for classes at your local community center or college where you can learn a new skill or develop ones you already have.
  • Study abroad — Take your education overseas and gain a new sense of independence this summer. Studying abroad can teach you skills the classroom may not be able to provide. Expand your perspective of the world, step out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to a different culture. You may even make some international friends or learn a new language. You’ll be able to utilize the skills you learn abroad during your remaining college years and in your future profession.
  • Explore your city — Check out places in your city that you’ve never been before or always wanted to visit. Make it a staycation and spend a couple of nights at a hotel with friends. Embrace spontaneity and discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten paths. Take a walking tour of your city to learn about the historical landmarks you may not have noticed or appreciated when you were younger.
  • Start a blog — Showcase your summer adventures and improve your writing skills by starting a blog. Journal about the places you visit, the foods you sample and the people you meet while on break. You’ll never know who your blog might attract or where it can lead! It may interest future employers and could even help you land a job. Blogging showcases your written communication skills, creates a positive digital footprint and helps you stand out among other candidates.

Spending your summer sleeping in all day may sound tempting but balance is key. Make the most of your summer break with a mix of enriching activities, productive endeavors and some fun in the sun!