How to make this summer easy on the wallet

Summer months are good for three things: getting a tan, sleeping in, and saving money for next semester. We’ll leave the beach cruising to you and stick to helping make summer a little easier on your wallet. Here are 7 ways you can spend less and make more this summer:

1. Find a job.

The seasonal hiring surge is upon us! Restaurants, resorts, camps, and parks need college students for temporary summer positions. Take advantage of the opportunity to score some money. And remember: the sooner you apply the more likely you’ll get the job you want.

2. Take summer courses.

Although they do cost money, online or community college courses can be a whole lot cheaper than your university, and they help you finish school early!

3. Ride a bike.

Gas prices always spike in the summer. Start riding your bike more and filling up the tank less. Plus you get more exercise in for swimsuit season!

4. See matinee movies.

Everyone loves seeing movies in the summer. Why not save a few bucks on ticket prices and see an earlier showing?

5. Utilize your student ID card.

Your student ID is your ticket to lower prices at a ton of retail stores, food chains, and more! Check out this complete list of student savings.

6. Work when it’s best for you.

Check out services like Task Rabbit and make some extra cash helping out your community members. The best part? You choose the hours.

7. Do more of what you love.

Are you crafty? Make some money by selling your creations! Pillows, headbands, vases — your crafts could be worth something. Set up an Etsy profile and start selling your products to interested buyers!

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