How to get free food in college

In college, you never say no to free stuff—especially to food. There’s nothing better than free food! Here’s how to find it in college:


1. Attend campus sponsored events

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Colleges are constantly hosting events where you can learn new things, work on your networking skills, and eat free food.


2. Join a club

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There are many benefits of joining a club, including free food. Many college clubs provide food in their meetings.


3. Go to the club fair

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At club fairs different clubs will present what their club is all about. How do they lure you in? Free candy, donuts, pizza, etc. Walk up to tables, talk for a bit, maybe write down your email if you’re interested, and then enjoy the free snacks.


4. Find special restaurant deals/offers

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Many food chains have free food days and offer special birthday rewards. Check out Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, IHOP’s National Pancake Day, and Krispy Kreme’s National Doughnut Day.  Then sign up for free birthday gifts from Qdoba (free burrito), Applebees (free dessert), Dunkin’ Donuts (free medium beverage), Not Your Average Joe’s (free entree), and more!


5. Hang out on the quad

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Score a free burger, ice cream, or cotton candy at the numerous college sponsored quad activities. Check out your school’s event calendar so you don’t miss out.


6. Participate in research experiments

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Sometimes researchers pay you for your time with a restaurant gift card.


7. Talk to your Resident Advisor

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Most dorms have a budget to spend on residential activities. These activities can range from buying tickets for shows to throwing ice cream or pizza parties for the whole dorm. Talk to your RA and let them know what type of food you want.



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  • January 14, 2015 at 10:39 am

    Find a Hotel with a continental breakfast or happy hour. I used to do this with my friend and not only did we eat free…we would get free drinks as well!!

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