How to ace your final exams

The end of the semester is quickly coming to an end, but there are still those big roadblocks standing in the way of your impending winter vacation: final exams. No matter which subject you have exams in, they’re daunting, disheartening, and potentially dangerous. Here’s how to ace them:

Start studying early.

There’s nothing worse than cramming for an exam the night before, so to avoid a 24-hour stint in the library by studying for several days in advance.

Find your weaknesses.

Don’t waste time studying what you already know. Instead, as painful as it might be, review what your weaknesses are, so that you can become strong in all areas.

Use office hours.

If, while reviewing your notes, you can’t remember what something means, or if you aren’t clear on a topic, then seek help immediately. Set up an appointment with your professor or stop into their office during open hours. Not only will you re-master the material, but your professor will see that you’re trying, and come grade time, that effort can go a long way.

Quiz yourself.

Instead of passively reading over your notes, quiz yourself to make sure you really understand the class material. Devise your own essay questions and outline answers, write down terms and provide definitions, and for best results, repeat.

Breathe. Relax. Sleep.

You’ll do best on your exams if you can cut down on stress as much as possible. So just take it easy, and remember that if you’ve been going to class, then everything on the exam is something you’ve learned before. No sweat.

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