Don’t make these study mistakes during finals week

The end of the school year is bittersweet: summer beckons, but finals stand between you and your freedom. So study up, crush your exams, and get the grades you deserve. Start by avoiding the following study mistakes, which have plagued college students since the beginning of time:

1. Cramming.

The only thing cramming the night before a test will accomplish is making you tired. That means it’ll be harder to focus and recall information come test time. Instead, pace yourself. Start studying as early as possible — days or even weeks in advance. Then study in shorter spurts. No all-nighters.

Finals week meme willy wonka Don't make these study mistakes during finals week

2. Winging it.

Geniuses aside, all students should study. Don’t assume an easy class means an easy final, even if you went to class every day and did all your homework. There’s no substitute for extra time spent hitting the books.

3. Studying in the same place.

According to The New York Times, just switching study spots each time you study increases data retention. Come up with a routine. Hit the library, the coffee shop, your dorm room, and whatever study lounges you can find. The point here: variety is important.

4. Stressing out.

Stress makes it harder to perform well on your exams, so save time to wind down before taking your test. Watch a movie, pet a dog, do some yoga — whatever it takes!

5. Not exercising.

Even if you’re busy, make time to exercise. Take a jog, ride a bike, or arm wrestle your roommate. The movement will increase blood flow to your brain, which makes it easier to focus.


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