The best schools for business students

Let’s get down to brass tacks, or at least to business. We still live in a time where the economy is a little in flux. So if business is your thing, and if you sincerely enjoy it, then why not go into the field? Not only will you likely find some job stability, but you’ll always be in demand, and so probably financially comfortable—if you’re good at what you do, that is. To make sure that happens, here are some business schools that get an A+:

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, PA

The name of UPenn’s business school is Wharton, which just sounds respectable from the get go. But beyond the name, the school lives up to its reputation, as it continues to deliver the best business minds to the best workplaces across the country.

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

It’s the Ivy League, so of course there’s also some Ivy League business going on. What’s great about this swanky school is that it’s located in Cambridge, MA, which is basically a part of Boston. The news there? Boston is one of the nation’s great business centers, meaning if you stay close and play your cards right then you may walk straight into a job.

New York University, New York, NY

Like UPenn, NYU’s business school has its own reputable nomenclature: Stern. Just say it again—“Stern School of Business”—and listen to how naturally solemn you sound. But really, it’s a good school.

Indiana University at Bloomington, Bloomington, IN

Though a rural campus, this school packs a big-league punch when it comes to Wall Street business. In other words, don’t let the location fool you. It’s the real deal.

Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

This is another school that’s not necessarily located in a business metropolis, and yet it serves its students better than any school out there. You’re not making any kind of mistake if you head up to Hanover, New Hampshire.

Bentley College, Waltham, MA

Located in Massachusetts, this school focuses primarily on business, offering an array of opportunities to its students. Here, it’s business all the time, so you get used to what it takes to be in the world of commerce.

LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA

The exceptional thing about LaSalle is that it offers a co-op program, meaning its business students gain a great amount of real world experience before they graduate, making them that much more likely to score a job after gradluation. Cha-ching.

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