Best iPad apps for students

If you’re tired of hearing your parents talk about what it was like to walk to class in the old days—uphill both ways and in the rain (yeah, yeah, you get it)—then leave the past for the more palatable present. The technology boom has collided with college in a beautiful way, making it easy for you to learn. In light of that, check out the iPad apps every college student needs:


This free app lets you take notes that stick. You can simply jot down important points to remember during lectures, and you can even draw graphs, record audio, or take pictures and videos. In other words, this application does almost all the work for you—just show up and pay attention, and you’ll have instant study guides at your fingers.


This app costs a few bucks, but it’s definitely worth the spare change. With Goodreader, you can read articles and books as PDFs, and then annotate and highlight the information you want to go back to. Sound better than underlining sentences in a hard copy book and then going back and trying to find them come finals week? It is.


This app is the price of a couple cups of coffee, and its effects are just as magical. If you’re a business major or if you need to make a lot of presentations then this is the app for you, as it allows you to make simple, accessible, and distinct presentations that will leave your professors and fellow students enthralled. For example, you can embed videos and animations, and it’s incredibly clean. Fancy.


If you already have a Netflix account then download the application to your smart device, because, come on, every college student needs to watch a trashy movie once in a while. (Just avoid doing so in class.)


Another note-taking app, this one’s definitely worth a try. You can take audio of your professor’s lecture and write down key words that sync up with a specific moment. It’s pretty much SparkNotes for lectures—except you create them yourself.

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