An easy way to score cash for the holidays

With ValoreBooks you can score up to 90% off more than 18 million titles. Even better: you can also sell your used stuff for cash! Our highest buyback price guarantee means we’ll pay you more than anyone else out there. Shipping is free and online quotes are instant. Here is where you can sell your:

  • Textbooks – Got used textbooks from years past? Sell them to us and score some extra spending money this holiday season!
  • iPhone and iPad – Got a used iPhone or iPad you don’t use? Or a broken one that doesn’t work? Or do you just want to sell your old phone or tablet in order to score the latest model for less? Then know this: ValoreBooks will give you more cash than anyone else out there!
  • CDs, DVDs, and Video Games – If your game, movie, or music library is collecting dust, convert your collection into something you’ll actually use: money.


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