A letter from our CEO, Kevin Walker

Dear savvy students,

At ValoreBooks, we never cease to be amazed by our customers. You believe in the value of education and work hard every day to overcome its cost. That fact is so inspiring that we surveyed thousands of full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students to get the lowdown on how you feel about the cost of college and how you’re mitigating its cost. The results are clear: college is too expensive and you’re doing everything you can to save money, from working full-time to scoring the best deals on textbooks. To hear more of what students like you had to say, check out our Student Trends Report 2015.

I also wanted to say what a pleasure it’s been hearing from customers who’ve used ValoreBooks to save money. The best part of my job is learning who you are and what you care about. Here are a few examples:

Though financial aid covered only half of my tuition, I refused all loans and paid out of my own pocket for tuition and books to avoid finding myself in debt. I knew that as difficult as it was at the time, it would be a breath of fresh air by the time I graduated.” — Meagan G.

I have now begun the Master’s Program at Penn State in Human Resources and Employee Relations. With a job, a husband, and three small boys, I am very busy and people always ask me how I do it. For me, taking classes is like a spa day or a girls’ night out. College is my therapy, my ‘me’ time, my future, my example to my children.” — Anna M.

I think having a job in school is very important to self-growth. It teaches you how to have time management and how to balance doing different things at one time. Learning these skills teaches responsibility and is part of transitioning from the teenage high-school years into the adult collegiate years.” — Ashleigh M.

What I really mean to say is this: at ValoreBooks, we admire the lengths you go to work hard and save money. In fact, that’s what motivates us—day in, day out—to bring you high quality, low cost textbooks, and to help you get the most for your used textbooks when you sell them back. We’re ever committed to that goal and pledge to continue our fight against the high cost of college.


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