9 out-of-the-box ways to secure your dream job

You know the routine: search endlessly for a job or internship, submit a cover letter and resume, then cross your fingers that you stood out enough to get called in for an offer. In some rare cases, however, an applicant will break the routine, get creative, and do something crazy to stand out. This approach can be risky, but if done right it can be just what you need to land your dream job or internship. Check out how these people did just that:

1. Create a billboard ad

Adam Pacitti

Adam Pacitti put the last of his cash to good use and created a billboard ad with the words “I spent my last 500 (pounds) on this billboard. Please give me a job.” Beneath this quote was a URL that lead to his digital CV. Although this type of investment might seem like a big risk, if executed correctly, it can really pay off in the end. In Adam’s case, he received 60 job offers.

2. Make your resume edible

Chocolate Bar Resume

What’s better than giving your resume to an employer on high quality paper? Giving it to your employer in the form of a chocolate bar. Informative and delicious! Who can say no to that? Consider other ways you can incorporate your resume into something edible. This would be especially effective for any job in the food industry.

3. Put together a social media campaign

Braden Young resume social campaign

Although most people wouldn’t consider communication via social media a realistic way to ask for a job, but when done right it can set you apart from other applicants. One prospective employee created a large scale campaign he called “Hire Me, Krispy Kreme”. He performed social outreach with all of Krispy Kreme’s social channels in hopes they would hire him. Guess what? It worked! Any communication method can be a good one. Why not social?

4. Take advantage of the company’s site

Pinterest job Application

There is hardly anything more appealing to a company than their prospective employee having interest and proficiency in their product. Jeanne Hwang was pursuing a job with Pinterest, and translated her CV to Pinterest’s interface to make a creative and personalized resume. Although she didn’t secure a job with Pinterest, she did receive an offer from Pintics, a leading Pinterest analytics company.

5. Make an interactive video

Graeme Anthony Interactive job application

Why hand over a resume on a piece of paper when you can utilize the power of the internet and create an interactive video? This concept was successful for Graeme Anthony not only because it showed a creative use of digital resources, but it also made his credentials public and brought job seekers to him. He is now employed full-time.

6. Use childhood inspiration

Lego job application

Legos are cool no matter how old you are. Leah Bowman made use of her childhood skill and personalized her resume by creating a Lego version of herself, emphasizing her transferable skills. You don’t have to use Legos specifically, but tap into something that really matters to you and take advantage of the empathetic effect it might have on potential employers.

7. Advertise on Google

Alec Brownstein Google

Google AdWords has some pretty nifty targeting tools. Alec Brownstein put these tools to use by using the names of top executives as keywords in his campaign to be hired. When these top executives “Googled” themselves, they found a personalized message requesting a job from none other than Alec Brownstein himself.

8. Create a humorous video

Google Please hire me creative job application

Conveying to potential employers that you too have a sense of humor might be just what you need to land a job. Matthew Epstein had a dream to work at Google. In order to entice them to hire him, he acted as a mustachioed Ron Swanson-esque character who promised Google that he was an invaluable asset to their product marketing team. Although he didn’t get a job with Google, he did get an interview with them! He ended up working for an innovative startup called SigFig.

9. Have the employer apply for you

Reverse job application - 9 out-of-the-box ways to secure your dream job/internship

After tirelessly searching for jobs the traditional way, Andrew Horner took it upon himself to turn the tables on his job search. Instead of reaching out to companies to ask for interviews, he created a website that described himself and his reasoning for why companies should be applying to hire him as an employee. His effort showed the right amount of confidence and wittiness and landed him a job at a start-up.

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