9 out-of-the-box college clubs

Making friends in college doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming, or stressful. Joining clubs on campus is an easy way to find people with similar interests as you. These clubs are for everybody–whatever your interests are, even if you like skydiving, squirrels, wizards, or even circus acts. Yep, there’s a circus club for students. Read more about them below, then check out the clubs on your own campus and get involved:


1. The Flying High Circus – Florida State University.

Circus Club Florida State University

Image source: circus.fsu.edu

Yes, it’s a circus and it’s fully organized by students. Everything from making the costumes, to putting up the tent, producing the shows, and, of course, performing.


2. Dignified Educated United Crust Eaters Society (DEUCES) – Western Michigan University.

Pizza crust

Image source: jameystegmaier.com

It all started in the university dining hall when someone left their pizza crusts because they didn’t like them. Some students decided to do something about this and created a crust eating club.


3. Squirrel Club – University of Michigan

squirrel club

Image source: michigansquirrels.com 

Do you love squirrels and want to feed them? Then this is the club for you.


4. Skydiving Club – Virginia Tech.

Man Skydiving

You can be a pro or a newbie, but you need the guts to jump out of a plane. If you love the adrenaline rush, this is a perfect fit.


5. Wizards and Muggles – College of Williams and Mary.

Wizards and muggles club

Image source: wmpeople.wm.edu

Calling all Harry Potter fanatics!  Join the Quidditch team and compete with other schools, divide into houses, and compete with each other to gain points throughout the year.


6. Rock-Paper-Scissors Club – University of Kentucky.

Teenage girl playing Rock-paper-scissors game with her friend

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Students play the game against each other and are very competitive. They also concentrate on improving their technique and incorporating it to their everyday lives.


7. Humans vs. Zombies – Goucher College

Humans vs. Zombies

Image source: hvz.club.anu.edu.au

Want to turn your friends into zombies? This is your chance. The game can last a while with no breaks and only a few safe zones like academic buildings. Keep your guard up! For more information on all of the official rules and equipment visit humansvszombies.org.


8. People Watching Club – University of Minnesota

Watching through binoculars

This club isn’t as creepy as it sounds. The club picks an event on campus and then they observe how other individuals interact to better understand race, class, gender, and non-mainstream interests.


9. Cheese Club – SUNY Purchase

Various types of cheese composition

Do you love cheese? Then this is the perfect fit for you. Sample different types of cheese each meeting and discuss which are your favorites and why. There are more types of cheese out there than just American and they’re amazing!


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