8 things to avoid (like the plague!) in college

College life is busy, stressful, fun, exciting, scary, boring, and exhausting all at the same time. To make the most of it, avoid the following:


1. Staying up all night, every night

sleep deprived students

Whether you’re constantly cramming for the next test, or just partying a lot, know this: sleep deprived students rarely perform as well as rested ones. Frequent grumpiness, inability to focus, and a zombie-like stagger are all symptoms of sleep deprivation. If you exhibit these signs, get yourself some shuteye!


2. Keeping your roommate (or neighbors) awake

roommate struggles

College is one of the best places to make friends. But keeping your roommate or neighbors awake at night (with your love of heavy metal or even Netflix) is a good way to turn potential friends into mortal enemies. A tip: buy headphones.


3. Isolating yourself

don't be antisocial

Going to college isn’t just about getting a degree. It’s also about developing a community. Join clubs! Run for student council! Attend readings! Play intramural sports!


4. Studying too little

studying in college

College shouldn’t be all fun. You pay a serious cost for a serious reason: your education. If you neglect your studies, all you’ll have to show for the last four years is a huge pile of student debt.


5. Studying too much

balance your life

That said, taking college too seriously puts you at risk of not having any fun at all. It’s all about striking a good work-life balance. The trick is working efficiently. Need help? Check out our time management guide.


6. Never taking classes outside your major

explore your passions

Just because you’re a biology major doesn’t mean you can’t take art classes. The reverse is also true. Experimenting with different subjects is a great way to find new passions. In addition, employers like to hire people with varied skill sets. The more you know, the better your chances!


7. Taking out too many student loans

student loans

Student loans are a necessary evil, but it pays to be prudent when borrowing. Know exactly how much you plan to spend each semester before taking out loans. After all, borrowing more than you need is a costly mistake. Creating a monthly budget (and sticking to it!) is one great way to ensure you borrow as little as possible. Another way is to cut your cost of living.


8. Procrastination

stop procrastinating

Every student gets writer’s block. Every student has trouble studying, writing essays, and memorizing hundreds of vocabulary words. Sometimes it just feels like too much work! But that work will never do itself, so stop waiting around. Check out these 7 ways to stop procrastinating.



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