8 DIY gifts to make this holiday season

Just because you’ll be spending tons of time with friends and family this holiday season doesn’t mean you need to spend tons of money on them. Not when there are awesome DIY gifts you can make yourself. DIY gifts can be useful, sentimental, and affordable all at the same time, making them the perfect gifts for any occasion. We’ve even got ideas to get you started:


DIY gifts: Custom Photo Candle Holders

Custom Photo Candle Holders

Don’t you think your favorite photos with family and friends would look even better when glowing from candlelight? Well, you’re right; they’ll look way cooler. Plus, these candle holders are easy, cheap, and thoughtful. If you know anyone who tends to be sentimental, they’ll love a gift like this!


 DIY gifts: Paint Dipped Kitchen Utensils

Paint-Dipped Kitchen Utensils

Score some cheap wooden kitchen utensils from wherever you can find them—online or even on sale at a retail location somewhere closer to home. Then score a few shades of blue paint (or any color you think would look good). Voila! You’ve got a cheap, beautiful gift for the cook in your family. See full instructions here.


DIY gifts: peppermint bark

Peppermint Bark

Aren’t the best gifts the ones you can eat? If you think so, then check out this easy peppermint bark recipe. It’s sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. For added flair, score a nice jar or tin in which to give your treat.


DIY gifts: Tea Towels

Painted Tea Towels

For the more artistic DIYers out there, who want to put their creativity to use, we bring you the painted tea towel. Let your imagination run wild on paper, cut out your stencils, trace onto a white tea towel, fill in with fabric paint, then iron over the paint to make sure it secures to the fabric. That’s it! A beautiful, very personal gift.


Homemade Dog Biscuits

For the pet lover on your list, dog biscuits. Not only are they easy and cheap, but they’re the fastest way to the heart of any pooch.


DIY gifts: Animal bookends

Animal Bookends

For your bookish family and friends, a chic addition to their bookshelf. All you need is some plastic animals, spray paint, a few stones (or bricks), and super glue. Note that you can choose to use any figurine for this project. You’re not bound by the animal kingdom. Let your imagination run wild!


DIY gifts: Flavored salts

Flavored Salts

For the chef on your list, flavored salts. Think roasted garlic, lemon, and even shiitake mushroom. Not only will your chef friend love this, but you might even get to taste test their creations. It’s win-win for you!


DIY gifts: Sugar scrub

Sugar scrub

Everyone on your list will love this homemade body scrub. All you need is lemon, coconut oil, and white sugar to make this luxurious scrub. It smells amazing and leaves your skin silky smooth.