8 colleges that are more fun than yours (for now!)

In college you get 4 years to have the best time of your life. Would you rather spend it stuck in a dorm room or at the likes of a beach party, jungle-themed rager, or indoor sledding party? Some schools are ahead of the curve when it comes to scoring a high fun factor in college, but there is always room for your school to catch up. We’ve compiled a list of the biggest and best events and listed some advice on how to start having a good time at your own school.

1. Block party

Palmerfest, Ohio University


What it’s all about:

The annual block party takes place in May on Palmer Street and attracts tens of thousands of college students from all around the university. Houses open their doors and students hop from party to party.

How to throw it:

If you want to throw a block party you need to think strategically. Areas filled with college students are prime locations. Steer clear of residential areas and high traffic roads. If the residents living on the street are on board and you choose a good location, your block party will be epic.

2. Beach Party

Deltopia, UCSB


What it’s all about:

18,000 people from in and around Santa Barbara head to the beach in bathing suits with floating toys to celebrate the sunny California lifestyle. It’s a beach party gone wild.

How to throw it:

Living near the beach is reason enough to have fun all the time. Set a date and location and spread the word. Since the event is on a beach, entertainment is included in the form of sun, sand and waves. Just make sure everyone knows to bring a bathing suit and a good attitude.

3. Concert

W.I.L.D., Wash U. St. Louis


What it’s all about:

Also known as “Walk In Lay Down,” W.I.L.D. is an event that involves students lugging comfy furniture like sofas and armchairs to a field, drinking and watching live music. The school has recently made lounging easier by setting up blow up couches for party-goers.

How to throw it:

Concerts are a bit tricky to set up. If you want to book big acts, you’ll need funding. Fortunately, many colleges are willing to give funding to student organizations that want to hold an event that is fun for students. If you know of any clubs on your campus that are focused on music, join up and propose the event. If you have the support of your club members, it’ll be easier to score funding from your school!

4. House Party

Frost, USC


What it’s all about:

Indoor snow, sledding, multiple ice luges and all white attire make this party the snow day Los Angeles always wished it could have.

How to throw it:

There are tons of house parties at almost every college. The secret to a great one is to make it unique. The more you can think outside the box, the better—like snow in LA, your event will have a bigger turnout! Do a little brainstorming and try to put together a theme worthy of being remembered.

5. Holiday Events

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Boston University

St. Patrick's Day Parade

What it’s all about:

Lots of colleges do St. Patrick’s Day big, but being the largest school in a city full of college students and Irish Americans, Boston University does it huge. Subways are a mess as 600,000-1,000,000 party-people cram in and travel to “Southie” (South Boston) to watch Boston’s historic annual parade.

How to throw it:

Although holiday events are widely known as a time for family fun, when inundated with college students they become way more fun. Find events like parades and outdoor festivities that are open to the public and then spread the word! Tell your friends and get serious about making sure every college student in your school knows that whatever event you choose is going to be the biggest party of the year.

6. Fraternity/Sorority Party

Jungle Party, University of Arizona

Jungle Party

What it’s all about:

What do you get when you put together a tree house, a waterfall, a pool, and a whole lot of fun-loving college kids? JUNGLE PARTY!

How to throw it:

Greek life is known for throwing killer parties. The tricky part is throwing a memorable one. Everyone expects a classic kegger. It’s your job to think of something a little more surprising. To do this, your frat/sorority is going to need to put in a lot of time and a lot of resources, but it will be worth it. Plan, decorate, put together a theme and make full use of pledges.

7. Long-Term Party

Little 500, Indiana University


What it’s all about:

Who would have thought a bike race could warrant a week-long party? Indiana University takes advantage of the Little 500 by adding festivities like Slip ’n Slides, live concerts, and frat parties, making this one of the most awesome combinations of college events around. But hey, any excuse to party, right?

How to throw it:

If you are motivated to put something really big together, extend the festivities from a night to a week. This can generate buzz and excitement for the event that would otherwise be limited. It also allows room for a combination of awesome events so that there is something for everyone! If you have the resources, you may as well keep the festivities going as long as possible.

8. Food-Centric Party

Crawfest, Tulane University


What it’s all about:

An annual festival chock full of music, food and art! About 12,000 students and community members get together, watch 8 bands and eat over 18,000 pounds of fresh crawfish. Awesome.

How to throw it:

Everybody loves food, especially college students. If you can find a way to mix it into your event, people will flock. Crawfish are an awesome idea for NOLA since they fit within the city’s culture, but pizza is another more affordable and viable option.

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