7 ways to avoid getting on your professor’s bad side

Simple enough. Here’s how:

1. Be interested.

There’s no easier way to get on a professor’s bad side than by showing up to class more bored than if you showed up at a George Michael concert. Even if the course is a requirement and not an elective, and even if you have no real interest in the material, try your best to keep yourself from yawning through it. Your transcripts will thank you.

2. Ask questions.

Like showing interest, asking your professor questions in class is equally as important. The more questions you ask, the more you show you care, which goes a long way.

3. Show up once in a while…outside of class.

Okay, so going to class is one thing, but to make sure you’re really on your professor’s good side you might want to show your face once in a while either at a class-related lecture or at a departmental event. Or even faculty office hours. That way your professor will know that the interest you show in class isn’t just a front.

4. Don’t tell the truth.

If your professor’s class just isn’t your thing, then honesty isn’t your best policy. It’s better to at least fake interest in the material than to think you’re doing your professor any favors by letting him or her know how they could “improve.” Trust me.

5. Keep them updated.

If you’re going to be out of class sick, you should shoot your professor a quick email explaining you’re not just skipping class, especially if the class has a stated attendance policy. And hey, even if you’re taking a personal day and faking sick, then give the same courtesy. Whatever the case, any heads up is better than no heads up.

6. Don’t try to be the best.

Do: put the most effort you can into the class and the grade you get will be the grade you get. Don’t: brownnose.

7. Do your homework.

A lesson as old as time.

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