7 post-Thanksgiving study tips

Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to kick back and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. The downside, of course, is that you’ve probably gotten out of the habit of studying for final exams. But now that you’re back on campus, you need to re-enter the Study Zone. Here’s how:


1. Get up earlier.

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That’s right. No more sleeping in until noon! There are only a few weeks left of school, so get up, drink coffee, and make use of your time.


2. Eat a solid breakfast.

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Whatever you do, don’t study on an empty stomach. It’s hard to stay focused with no energy. Instead, eat some eggs, oatmeal, or even something small, like a banana, which is one of several foods that can help you stay focused.


3. Budget your time.

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During the final weeks of fall semester, you don’t have free time to waste. So plan your weeks in advance. What days will you study? For how long? At what time? Be sure to schedule in some fun, too—if only to stay sane through the home stretch.


4. Start studying now.


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Even if your exams are a few weeks away. Studies show that cramming for exams right before you take them is one of the worst ways to prepare. Frequent studying over time, however, encourages data retention and understanding.


5. Ease into your study schedule over time.

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Diving in headfirst is a good way to burn out before your studying is done. Instead, study a little more tomorrow than you did today. Then still more the day after that, and so on until you reach max capacity.


6. Reward yourself.

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Re-entering the Study Zone after break is hard work, so reward yourself for your successes. After finishing a study session or completing a paper, take a break, make brownies, or have coffee with a friend.


7. Need more help?

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Check out our list of five tips that make it easier to study for your finals.



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