7 must-have superlatives in your senior yearbook

One of the best things about being a senior—other than senioritis—is that most of the yearbook is dedicated to you and your fellow seniors! Better yet, you get to fill that yearbook with whatever you want—everything from baby pictures to superlatives. Regarding the latter, here are 7 must-haves:

1. Most Likely to Sleep Through an Earthquake

Most likely to sleep

For those who will sleep no matter what—in class, during lunch, even through a fire drill.


2. Most Likely to Become a Pop Star

Most likely to be a star

For anyone who loves the spotlight and has the voice and the moves. Good grades are not required.


3. Most Likely to be ID’d When They’re 30

Most likely to be ID'd

For that beautiful senior who never seems to age, like Peter Pan. They’re graduating college and they still look like they’re in high school…


4. Most Likely to Friend Request the Entire School After Graduation

Most likely to add you on fb

For the most “social media aware” senior among your ranks, who loves to connect with everyone—even people who aren’t friends and to whom they’ve never spoken.


5. Most Likely to Start a Revolution

Most likely to rebel

These rebel members of your senior class never hold back against sexism, racism, and other discrimination. They’re always inviting you to join them in a march on City Hall, even in winter when there’s three feet of snow on the ground.


6. Most Likely to be the Head of the Alumni Board

Most likely to be Alumni board

This senior has borderline too much school spirit. They’ll remain a part of the school’s community forever, and will probably haunt campus in the afterlife.


7. Most Likely to Be on His/Her Phone in the next 5 Years

Most likely to be on the phone

For the senior who’s always lost in space—texting, instagramming, or snapchatting without looking where they’re going.


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