7 easy meals you can make in 7 minutes (or less!)

The downside of being a student is that you don’t have much free time for things like “cooking”—whatever that is. You’re probably more used to eating cereal from a box or really bad lasagna from the cafeteria. Thankfully we’re here to cleanse your palette with 7 easy, delicious meals you can cook yourself without wasting any time.


1. Pizza panini

Not only is this panini recipe easy to make, but it’ll satisfy your late-night pizza cravings. Stop wasting your money on delivery! All you need is some Italian rolls or a loaf of French bread, some bottled pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and pepperoni (or broccoli!). Simple, cheap, tasty.

Pizza Panini

Source: www.ourbestbites.com


2. One-minute quiche-in-a-mug

The only thing better than cooking a whole meal in 7 minutes is cooking a whole meal in 1! Introducing the best breakfast you can cook in your microwave: quiche-in-a-mug. Breakfast has never been better!

1-minute Quiche-in-a-Mug

Source: www.fullthymestudent.com


3. Apple sandwich

If you’ve never had an apple sandwich before, you’re missing out on the best thing since sliced bread. The cool part? No bread is involved! That means this meal is much lower in carbs than your traditional sandwich but just as tasty. Score the recipe here.

Apple sandwich

Source: www.wholefoodsmarket.com


4. Chicken arugula quesadilla

Why settle for a boring, tasteless cheese quesadilla from Taco Bell when you can score the best quesadilla north of the border, right at home? Not only is it fast and easy to make, but it’s high in protein. Plus the arugula adds an extra healthy element.

Chicken arugula quesadilla

Source: www.prevention.com


5. Microwave caramel

Who knew you could make caramel in the microwave? More still, who knew it only took seven minutes? This recipe will appeal to any sweet tooth that’s tight on time.

Microwave caramel

Source: www.tsgcookin.com


6. Quick chili

If chili isn’t a staple of your diet, it should be. It’s flavorful, packed with protein, and easy to make! This chili tastes like it’s been simmering all day, but only takes 10 minutes to make. We’ll bet you can make it in 7 minutes if you’re quick on your feet!

Quick chili

Source: www.cookthestory.com


7. Fruit and cheese

Possibly the best eat on our list requires no recipe. Just take the two best foods known to man—fruit and cheese—and combine them! Camembert, brie, cheddar, and even goat cheese go well with pears, apples, and even figs. Try other fruit and cheese combinations if you’re feeling adventurous!

Fruit and cheese

Source: www.brookshires.com



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