5 ways to take better study breaks

Finals are just around the corner. But studying doesn’t have to be stressful, tiring, or boring — not if you spend your break time wisely. Here’s how:

1. Study for 90 minutes then take a break.

Psychologists and sleep researches call your body’s 90-minute sleep cycle your “ultradian rhythm” — but it turns out this rhythm also affects your waking life. Taking a break after every 90-minute study session gives your body a chance to reset and renew, boosting energy levels and alertness.

2. Go outside and get moving.

Not all breaks are created equal. Ten minutes on Facebook is not the same as ten minutes walking outside. Mild physical exercise, like walking, relieves stress and boosts your mood. Plus the increased blood flow to your brain will increase your alertness.

3. Get social.

Need coffee? Go with friends. They are, after all, your support system. Unwind, tell jokes, and otherwise put your stress to bed. The key here: don’t talk about school, or finals, or homework.

4. Take a nap!

NASA found that their pilots were most alert after a 40-minute nap, so time your shuteye and wake up refreshed.

5. Have some fun.

The trick to smart studying is staying calm and stress-free. That requires knowing when and how to relax. Kick back, play a video game, watch a movie, or read for fun. Check out the ValoreBooks marketplace to affordably fulfill all your multimedia needs.

5 ways to take better study breaks

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