5 ways to snap a better selfie

The Internet is saturated with sub-par selfies: whole Facebook pages and Twitter feeds full of just duck faces. Isn’t it high time we saw some variety? Thankfully, with the help of expert selfie practitioners like Obama and Ellen DeGeneres, we’ve put together a list of fives ways to make your selfie pop (make sure to read the last tip for a chance to win FREE textbooks next semester!):

1. Write a creative caption.

Obama Biden Selfie - 5 ways to snap a better selfie

The only thing better than a good picture is a funny or relevant caption. Tell a joke or make a statement—anything to stand out from the crowd.

2. Find a friend.

Ellen selfie - 5 ways to snap a better selfie

Your followers are getting tired of seeing your face and your face alone. Grab a friend and feature them in your selfie. The more the merrier!

3. Change up the facial expression.

Change up the duck face - 5 ways to snap a better selfie

The duck face is getting old. Change it up. Make a few silly faces and pick the best one.

 4. Pick your filter wisely—or go au naturel.

Filters - 5 ways to snap a better selfie

Filters can certainly add flair to a selfie. But overdoing it can make your selfies look fake or unnecessarily dramatic. Remember the mantra: simple is stylish. Avoid high contrast and over-saturation. Bonus points if you take a shot that’s worthy of #nofilter.

5. Find a prop – join a contest!

SellBackSelfie - 5 ways to snap a better selfie

Why pose for a selfie empty handed? Check out Jessica’s entry into our #SellBackSelfie contest! Snap an awesome selfie with your soon-to-be-sold textbook and enter to win a semester of FREE textbooks. Two birds with one stone!

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