5 easy ways to save money in college  

At ValoreBooks, our goal is to help you save money on more than just textbooks—which is why we’re here to help you save money on everything else in college, too. Why? Because getting an education shouldn’t cost any more than it has to. So here’s how to get savvy with your cash:


1. Come up with a monthly budget.

on a budget plan

We know it sounds tedious, but budgeting your money before you actually spend it is the best way to spend less. Money, after all, seems to just disappear. A coffee here, a meal there. The list goes on, and on, and on. Before you know it, you’re broke. To avoid that heartbreak, put a limit on your monthly expenses. Just remember: your budget shouldn’t exceed your income. You don’t want to dip into your savings if you don’t have to.


2. Put your student ID to better use.

student ID

The single best thing about being a student—besides getting an education, of course—are the discounts you get on everything from food, travel, entertainment, and more. Your student ID is a metaphorical meal ticket. So make use of it! Check out this blog post for some ideas on where to score savings.


3. Compare your student loans.

student loan comparison

If you need private student loans to pay your tuition bill, then it’s important to compare your options before you borrow money. Why? Because not all private student loans are created equal. Not only do lending terms and conditions change, but so do interest rates and borrower benefits. To find the best loan for you, head over to SimpleTuition, where you can compare student loans by lender, interest rate, and more! Over the course of your college education, comparing your loans could save you literally thousands of dollars in interest.


4. Ditch the credit card!

no credit card

Studies show that people spend less when they’re spending cash. Maybe handing over real money is more difficult than handing over a piece of plastic. Also, you can’t spend more cash than you have in your pocket. The opposite is true with a credit card. You can spend up to your credit limit, which puts you in debt. Worse still, credit cards usually have incredibly high interest rates, making them hard to pay off. Interest payments are wasted money! Remember that.


5. Free fun is always better.

free events in college

Eating out, going to the movies, going to the bar, playing mini-golf—all these are fun, but normally cost money. Why not enjoy free fun instead? College campuses host all kinds of activities, often free, that might just keep you entertained: screenings of the latest films, lectures, parties, concerts, art shows, and more. Check your school’s events calendar for leads.


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