5 ways to readjust to campus life

Re-adjusting to campus life after summer break is like returning from a long sojourn: you’re culture shocked. Say goodbye to lazy days by the fire, because you’ve got work to do. Fortunately there are ways to work hard without burning out:

1. Stress less

Of course it’s easier said than done, but eating right, exercising often, and sleeping more is always worth it. All three reduce stress, improve productivity, and keep you happy.

2. Don’t overextend yourself

Students often feel pressure—whether from themselves or their professors—to hit the ground running when a new semester starts. That can have the counter-productive effect of stressing you out. Instead, stay calm and steady. Budget your time as you’d budget your money. Choose your classes wisely, study early and often instead of cramming, and don’t get involved in so many extracurricular activities that you don’t have time to do your homework.

3. Take breaks on a regular basis

Slow and steady wins the race, so on busy days with lots of classes be sure you pause once in a while to get refreshed. Eat something, get a coffee, take a nap. Whatever you need to renew your sense of purpose and find some energy.

4. Have fun every week

Get involved in an activity or a sport, or just hang out with friends. Put down the textbooks for a little while! That is, after all, half of what college is about: the social aspect. Don’t miss out on it.

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