5 ways to readjust to campus after studying abroad

After returning from your semester or even your year abroad, admit it: you miss the lifestyle of living overseas. Your home campus might seem a little smaller than it did back before you left, more claustrophobic, less exciting. But to avoid the back-from-abroad blues, try out the following:

1. Get involved in something new.

It’s likely that when you were abroad you tried something new every day, which is why you loved your time away so much. You took a couple risks and grew because of that. So now that you’re back, keep it up. Get involved in a new activity, take a class that’s different than the sort you usually take, join a new club, et cetera. In other words, recapture that feeling of taking chances.

2. Keep in touch.

Just like you talked on Facebook or emailed with your closest friends from home while abroad, it’s time to do the opposite with the friends you made while living there. Stay close and don’t lose touch. Plan a trip back over break, or even just check in once in a while.

3. Find others like you.

You’re not the only one from your school to have gone abroad. Find other people that studied in the same country, or anywhere, really, and become friends with them. At the very least, you can talk to them about what your experience away was like and how to deal with the reverse culture shock of coming home.

4. Don’t lose your language.

Often students who go abroad do so in order to immerse themselves in the language they’ve been studying: Spanish, French, Chinese, et cetera. When you come back home, it’s true that you’re not speaking that language as much as you used to, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose it. To keep it up, take more language classes, make friends with international students, or offer to help out those considering study abroad options in the future.

5. Look at your pictures. Often.

No doubt you took countless pictures while away. So look at them and relive the awesomeness of your memories.


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