5 ways to keep your brain active this summer

Summer is a great time to eat ice cream and get sunburned and sleep in. But don’t let that keep you from engaging your brain! Staying sharp during summer means that, come next semester, the transition back to campus life will be so smooth you won’t even notice it. Plus, maintaining an active brain can even be fun:

1. Take summer classes

Sure, summer classes have a bad reputation for being a waste of good weather. But we like to think that reputation isn’t deserved! Check out these reasons why summer classes are a good use of your time and your money.

2. Read for pleasure

The best thing about summer is all the free time you have. But don’t waste it! Head to the library or the bookstore and find something fun to read. And remember, you can always save up to 90% when you buy your books with us!

3. Exercise

Don’t allow the lure of lazy days rule your life this summer. Get outdoors and get moving. That’ll keep your body fit and your mind ready to learn. How? By releasing endorphins and increasing blood flow to the brain. Develop an exercise routine now and it’ll be easier to maintain once classes start, which is when it really matters. You may find that studying is easier, that you can concentrate longer, and that your ability to retain data has improved.

4. Do something cultural

Don’t just nap on the beach. Find fun (even free!) ways to engage the arts or the sciences. Check out museums, galleries, readings, concerts, outdoor theater, and other activities that engage your brain.

5. Travel

Most of what you’ll learn about the world, and about life, comes from outside the classroom. So take advantage of your time off from school by exploring. It doesn’t matter whether you go abroad or just one town over. Get out of your comfort zone, change your setting, do something new.


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