5 ways to improve your LinkedIn profile

The Internet has changed how we search for information, how we make friends, how we fall in love, and even how we find jobs. But with so much of our lives carried out online, it’s easy to forget that our pictures and commentary are put on public display and that our digital personas affect our physical lives—and not always for the better. So before you share your LinkedIn profile with the world, consider the following:


1. Choose the right picture

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Tailor your profile and your picture to your intended audience: potential employers. Choose a photo that portrays your best, most professional self. Bonus points for photos that are recent and in focus.


2. Proofread

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Grammar or spelling errors on a LinkedIn profile is as egregious as grammar or spelling errors on a resume. Why? It suggests that you’re lazy, or at the very least that you’re not detail-oriented. Double and triple-check your profile. Then ask a friend to read it over and confirm that you didn’t miss anything.


3. Create a custom URL

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Instead of directing potential employers to a randomly generated URL, choose a custom URL by clicking “Create your custom URL” when editing your public profile. This is important for two reasons: it looks more professional and it’s easier to remember.


4. Use keywords

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Potential employers are using search terms to sift through LinkedIn profiles, so it pays to write your profile with that fact in mind. If you’re a premium LinkedIn member, you can access LinkedIn’s Top Suggested Keywords feature. But if you’re not a premium member, you can still optimize your profile by rewording—for example, describe specific skills instead of listing character traits. Don’t say ‘leadership’ when you can say ‘project management’.


5. Collect endorsements

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When you add something to the “Skills” section of your profile, your connections get the chance to endorse that skill. The more endorsements you have, the more reliable you look. Also, having more endorsements may affect your search ranking for those keywords. The best way to get endorsements? Give them first! Then ask your connections to return the favor.


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