5 ways to enjoy winter

When the cold weather hits, people start talking about how long winter is and how hard they expect it to be to make it through. But we’d like to go so far as to suggest that winter is actually a wonderful season! Even if you don’t enjoy standard wintertime activities—skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, throwing snowballs, drinking hot chocolate—know that there are ways you can stay productive and enjoy your time despite the cold. Here’s how:

1. Be productive

When it’s too cold to enjoy the great outdoors, use that as an excuse to stay inside. Then get some work done. It’s a great opportunity to catch up on whatever it is you’ve been putting off, whether that’s homework, a scholarship application, or some extracurricular reading. Take the bull by the horns and hammer it out! That way you’ll have plenty of time in the future to relax! You can also use this time to pick up your textbooks for up to 90% off list price. Head over to ValoreBooks, where you can buy new, used, or rent for less.

2. Stock up for the season

A change in season calls for a change in wardrobe! Winter is the time to invest in warm clothing like coats, hats, gloves and scarves. This might sound expensive, but you can avoid some of the costs by visiting your local thrift store or online discount stores. Our sister brand, SmarterBucks, has a marketplace that allows you to earn up to 10% back on purchases at your favorite brands to help repay your student loans. Sign up for free and start warming up today!

3. Take a trip

There is nothing like a little escape from the cold. If you can find the time to seek shelter to warmer weather, go for it. Even if it is just a weekend down south, a short taste of warmer air is the perfect break from a long winter. Use travel comparison sites like Priceline and Kayak to find the best airfare.

4. Brave the weather

As tempting as it is to find shelter from the cold all the time, keep in mind that it doesn’t bite! There is nothing like a little ice-skating, skiing, or even a wintry walk to take your mind off the chilly air. To save a little cash, look for mountains or skating rinks that give discounts when you show your student ID. In addition, many universities have group ski trips with bundled in transportation and rentals which reduce the cost greatly, so keep your eyes peeled.

If this little guy can do it, so can you!

Dog in winter

5. Take on a new hobby

Picking up something new might be just what you need to divert your focus from the cold, and onto something more productive and enjoyable. Maybe you have been thinking of learning to play the guitar, knit, paint, or perhaps, write for pleasure. Go for it! Whatever your choice of activity, dedicating your time to something you care about could lead to a successful and enjoyable winter, instead of a long and arduous one.


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