5 Tips For Selling Textbooks Online

1. Shop around for the site willing to give you the most for your textbooks.

When you’re selling your textbooks, you want to get the best price possible. That’s why it pays to compare rates. Buyback offers can vary greatly from one website to another, and you don’t want to get shortchanged. There’s nothing like realizing you could have gotten $50 for a book when you only got $25, for example. To avoid seller’s regret down the road, browse several textbook sites to see which offers the highest rate on your textbooks. Then, sell with confidence, knowing you’ve done your research

2. Sell to a website that specializes in textbooks.

While giant retailers or auction sites may buy back books, they won’t often have the best prices. Why? Books are just one of many products they sell. When comparing prices, make sure you explore what’s available through dedicated textbook sellers like ValoreBooks. Companies that specialize in selling textbooks understand the market, offer competitive rates and are glad to work with you. They’ll often give you the best buyback prices on your used textbooks. Learn more about ValoreBooks on our page about selling textbooks online.

3. Don’t expect to get the same amount that you paid for your textbooks — textbooks have a high depreciation rate.

While selling your used textbooks can be profitable, don’t expect to get the exact amount that you originally paid when the book was new. Just like cars, clothes and most household goods, textbooks have a high depreciation rate. In other words, now that your book’s been used, it’s not worth what it originally cost. To maximize how much you can recoup, keep your book in good condition, avoid too much writing in it or marking it, and protect it from damages.

4. Look for a website that has transparent information about the buyback process. Avoid companies that tack on hidden fees or lowball you to maximize profits.

Be aware that some textbook stores will trick you with hidden fees. That $20 you thought you were going to get for your biology book may become much less when you have to deduct shipping and handling costs, for example. Look for a website with open information about the buyback process so you know upfront what you’ll get. Likewise, read reviews about the site from other sellers, so you can have confidence you’re working with a trustworthy business.

5. Look for sites that care about more than just buying textbooks — such as sites that provide other helpful resources to students.

While some textbook sellers do little more than post books for sale, others act as helpful resources for students. Now, at first glance, this might not seem like a big deal. However, consider this: which resource is most likely to draw students to its site and get more exposure to its books? When you find a textbook seller that provides consistent, valuable information to buyers, you find a seller with credibility. When comparing rates from different sites, be sure to evaluate the quality of the seller, too.