5 space-saving dorm hacks

Dorm rooms can be claustrophobic, especially if you’re sharing your space with another person. But that doesn’t mean you have to live in confined squalor. Instead, make the most of your space to store more and get more organized. Need help? Good, because we’re here with a few space-saving dorm hacks:


1. Build a bookshelf out of milk crates

milk crates as shelves

Milk crates make good, cheap storage containers, but if you turn them on their side and stack them vertically you can make your very own bookcase for cheaper than you thought possible! Better yet, you’ll save room and have somewhere to put all your books.


2. Use bed risers to create more storage space under your bed

bed risers

Lifting your bed a few more inches off the ground creates a whole new storage space, where you can keep school supplies, shoes, books, or whatever else fits under there. That can help you de-clutter your desk and your closet.


3. Get a mattress caddy

mattress caddy (2)

You’ve probably already got a shower caddy for your toiletries, but did you know they make mattress caddies, too? In lieu of a bedside table, a mattress caddy saves space and lets you store everything from a box of tissues, your TV remote, books, your glasses, and more.


4. Try a hanging hamper

hanging hamper

Floor space is valuable real estate in a dorm room, so don’t waste it by piling your dirty clothes on the floor. A hanging hamper can hang from your closet door, making it easier than ever to keep your dirty clothes out of the way.


5. Use a folding TV tray table—for just about anything!

folding TV tray table

The cool thing about folding TV tray tables is they’re cost effective. And, you know, they fold up, making them easy to slide under your bed when not in use. Better yet, you can use it for eating, studying, or even ironing your clothes.


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