5 epic things to do in the cold

There’s no escaping winter, but that doesn’t mean you need to hide inside for its duration. Instead, bundle up, go outside, and:


Have a snowball fight. 

Obviously. Round up as many friends as you can and get throwing! Want to take it to the next level? Try to beat the world record for the largest snowball fight in the world.


Blow frozen bubbles.

It only sounds stupid until you see how freaking awesome it looks. Plus, it’s so easy. Just score some store-bought bubbles and get to work with your bubble wand on an ice-cold day. Better yet, make your own bubble solution at home for free: mix three parts water with one part dish soap.


Build a multi-colored igloo.

Seriously, how cool does this look? Get outside and make your own personal (amazing) fort. Then Instagram it, because all of your friends will be jealous.


Construct your own ice rink.

Sure, building your own rink is complicated, but the results are worth the investment. Train to be the next hockey star or ice ballerina in your own back yard.



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