5 bizarre college majors that actually exist

It turns out there are some incredibly unexpected, interesting and downright silly majors out there. Check it out:

1. Poultry science

Have you always wanted to learn how to manage the habitats of chickens, ducks and geese? Texas A&M has you covered! With courses rooted in biology and chemistry, you’ll be a poultry-master after graduation. Get to know the chicken, the egg, and maybe even which came first!

5 college majors you thought didn't exist

2. Adventure education

At Plymouth State University, the college adventure is comprised of more than just beer pong tournaments and weekend trips to Montreal.  Students pursue environmental education or outdoor leadership fields and make their lives a constant adventure. Imagine classes ranging from wilderness expedition and white water rafting! What?!

5 college majors you thought didn't exist

3. Turf grass science

Have you ever noticed how amazing a football field or golf course looks before the big game? Turns out there’s a science to that. Penn State offers a major that helps students understand the discipline of maintaining these fields to absolute perfection.

5 college majors you thought didn't exist

4. Puppetry

Frank Ballard started teaching puppetry at the University of Connecticut in 1964. Demand for the subject grew so dramatically that they made a college major titled Puppet Arts within the School of Fine Arts. Since the major was created, over 500 puppet productions have been presented at UConn, and graduates of the program have gone on to perform and design at many theatres around the globe.

5 college majors you thought didn't exist

5. Nannying

Why would someone leave their kid in the hands of an unreliable teenager when they can leave them with someone who has a nannying degree? Drop the summer babysitting job and start taking classes at Sullivan University in first aid, etiquette and manners and effective communication. Soon as you know it, your main method of transportation will be flight by umbrella!

5 college majors you thought didn't exist

So… who is thinking about changing their major?

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