5 best college road trip destinations

Face it: college isn’t only about education. It’s also about a freer lifestyle. That’s why you should make use of winter and summer break by hitting the road with a group of solid friends (and a good mix tape). Looking for destination ideas? Try these:

1. The Pacific Ocean (or the Atlantic Ocean).

If you live near the coast, or even a little inland, then head for the water. Once you get to the nearest beach, the gas and the miles will all be worth the view. Our favorite: California State Route 1, also known as Highway 1. Drive through Big Sur, California. Enjoy the view.

2. Graceland.

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the mansion of Elvis Presley is one of the most storied road trip destinations of all time. So why not see what all the buzz is about?

3. Plymouth Rock.

Plymouth Rock is one of the most ridiculously disappointing landmarks of all time. It’s remembered as the landing place of the pilgrims—America’s founders—but really, the rock is, well, just that: a small rock, making it a hilariously awful road trip destination, and therefore one of the best. (Think of it this way: the journey there is the important part.)

4. Six Flags.

If you’re a roller coaster junkie, or if you love adrenaline and screaming at the top of your lungs, then travel to the nearest (or farthest) amusement park and spend a day or two on the rides. Six Flags is a good bet, since they’re all over: New York, Massachusetts, California, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, and Missouri.

5. New Orleans.

Filled with great music, fantastic food, and awesome weather, the Big Easy is a must. Doesn’t it just sound like a good time? What are you waiting for?

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