5 benefits of taking summer classes

Sure, no one enjoys summer school. But we like to think it has a bad reputation it doesn’t deserve. After all, there are advantages to taking a class or two during summer break. Check them out:

1. Fewer students means more personal attention.

Summer classes are usually in lower demand than their fall or spring counterparts. As a result, each class may have fewer students. That means your professor will have more time to focus on you, should the class be difficult and should you need the help.

2. You could finish college faster.

Yeah, summer courses cost money. But if you take enough of them you could actually graduate in less than four years. That could save you a whole semester—or even a whole year!—of tuition payments.

3. Learn at your own pace.

One of the best things about summer classes is that you can choose to take only one course at a time, meaning you can hone in and focus on just one subject. No distractions. No more stressed weekends wondering which test you should study for.

4. Easier to get into required classes.

If there are classes you’re required to take—general education requirements, for example—that always fill up before you can register, then consider knocking them out during summer session. Less students enrolling means more space for you!

5. Keep your brain sharp.

The unsung hero of summer classes is the fact that they keep your brain sharp over what would otherwise be a long, lazy summer. Keep your study and work habits alive! That way, come fall, you won’t have trouble adjusting back to school life.


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